Busy as a B.

Hello World! (and goodbye free time!)

Man, I’ve been grinding ya’ll! But, don’t get me wrong. I am NOT complaining. Quite the opposite. Eclectic Music Studios in the morning Atlanta’s premier listening room at night has me tied up in all the best ways for about 70 hours a week. Despite that fact, I’ve never been more productive! If nothing else it’s all just stoking the fire. I’ve got this new website up and running (sort of…) , a solo album on the way and a new rock/blues band – High Tide Rising – in the works!

As if that’s not enough to be happy about, City Mouse is finally out of our semi-hiatus. Our man, Michael, has fully recovered, our debut EP is almost ready and we’ve got an East Coast Tour NEXT WEEK!! I’m excited about every bit of it, but especially City Mouse’s tour. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CityMouseMusic and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, handle @CityMouseMusic to keep up! It’s going to be a blast and we want to take you along with us.

– BR


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